be more human




There’s been a shift. A new generation of hyper-connected and empowered consumers are more conscious and less trusting of brands than ever before.
They’re not buying the “superficial”, they’re pursuing the authentic, longing for genuine connection and belonging, and favouring brands that are doing right by society as a whole. For brands, thriving is less about mastering the latest marketing buzzwords, and more about understanding and leveraging human emotional motivators. To win the hearts of this generation you need to be real, conscious and cultivate love and belonging. You need to be more human!

HUMANx is a young Swedish media house that caters a new generation of people that’s looking for conscious and purpose driven lifestyle content.
Our mission is to tell the stories that really matters and that inspires change in the world. Our production studio has created several award wining tv-shows.
We have won the Swedish tv-prize Kristallen and been nominated to the digital Emmy Awards. We have also helped plenty of advertising agencies and brands to create award winning commercials and branded content.

Let’s tell the stories that matters!